Class EventQueue


public class EventQueue
extends java.lang.Object

The EventQueue is used to schedule the sending of events until just before the render-phase. This is to ensure that all models have been updated before event-processing. Q: with the new model with separated smaller components there are several parse and render-phases this means that the events will only be queued up for each component. This might prove to be acceptable though. A: This is resolved for the following reason, during the render phase components are registered for parsing when the request returns the ApplicationFilter starts the parse phase which ends with the RenderContext resetting the list of registered parsing components, when the RenderContext is ready with this the ApplicationFilter passes the request to the FilterChain. This means that all components from the previous request are parsed before the jsps or components are rendered. Q: In what order are events sent? A: Events can not be ordered in the same sense as in a Swing application when it comes to a web application. Therefor some kind of guessing needs to be applied to in what order events are to be processed. A pre-defined ordering of events are applied. This could be: ViewLinkEvent, , ActionEvent.

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Nested Class Summary
static class EventQueue.QueuedEvent
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.util.Iterator iterateEvents()
          Returns a thread safe iterator over the current events.
 void postEvent(java.lang.Class listenerInterface, java.util.EventListener target, java.util.EventObject event, java.lang.String method)
          Currently does not queue up events to be sent later on.
 void processEvents(Application application)
          Sends the events and clears the event queue.
 void reset()
 void setPostponeEvents(boolean postponeEvents)
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Constructor Detail


public EventQueue()
Method Detail


public void postEvent(java.lang.Class listenerInterface,
                      java.util.EventListener target,
                      java.util.EventObject event,
                      java.lang.String method)
Currently does not queue up events to be sent later on. Rather they are sent immediately. TODO: queue up events. Note that further events can of course be sent while sending events.


public void setPostponeEvents(boolean postponeEvents)


public void processEvents(Application application)
                   throws java.lang.Exception
Sends the events and clears the event queue.



public java.util.Iterator iterateEvents()
Returns a thread safe iterator over the current events. Events can be added while using this iterator but they will not be added to this iterator. To process the events posted while processing these events another iterator must be added.


public void reset()

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