AbstractAction - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction.
Provides default implementations for the Action interface
AbstractAction() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction
AbstractAction(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction
AbstractTableDataAccess - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess.
AbstractTableDataAccess() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess
AbstractTableModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel.
AbstractTableModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
AbstractValueModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.AbstractValueModel.
AbstractValueModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.AbstractValueModel
AbstractViewFactory - class com.tirsen.angkor.AbstractViewFactory.
Abstract baseclass for implementing ViewFactories
AbstractViewFactory() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.AbstractViewFactory
Action - interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action.
Provides an extensions to ActionListener interface where several other attributes of an action can be stored
ActionEvent - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionEvent.
Indicates the event of a component-defined action
ActionEvent(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionEvent
ActionListener - interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionListener.
Listens to ActionEvents
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionListener
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.GotoAction
ActionSource - interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSource.
Implemented by classes that are sources of the component-defined action event
ActionSourceHelper - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper.
Utility class for sending action events
ActionSourceHelper(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
add(int, View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
Can only add Sections or SectionLines to a Section, if you try to add anything else it a SectionLine will be instantiated for it.
add(int, View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap
add(int, View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Inserts main element at specified index.
add(Object, Object) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster
add(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
Adds a TextLabel as a string to this section on its own line.
add(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Add a main element.
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSource
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
addActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSourceHelper
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSource
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
addChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
addColumn(BeanTableModel.TableColumnModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
addColumn(JavaBeanTableModel.TableColumnModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
addColumn(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
addColumn(String, String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
addColumn(String, String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
addError(Throwable) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.ErrorViewFactory
Adds an error to be displayed by the view.
addError(Throwable, View) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.ErrorViewFactory
Add an error associated with a specific view.
addModel(ValueModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
Adds a model.
addRow(Object[]) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
Adds a row to the end of this table.
addTableColumn(int, TableColumn) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Insert a new column at the specified index.
addTableColumn(TableColumn) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Add a new column at the end.
addValve(Valve) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
afterRequest() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
afterRequest(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
allocateUniqueId(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Forces this component to allocate a unique id.
allocateUniqueID(String, View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Application - class com.tirsen.angkor.Application.
The main controller of an application, typically first class extended when implementing an application in Angkor.
APPLICATION_CLASS_PARAM - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFilter
Application() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
ApplicationAttribute - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext
ApplicationFactory - class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory.
TODO document ApplicationFactory ApplicationFactory(HttpSession) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory
ApplicationFilter - class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFilter.
A servlet filter acting as the main entry point to the Angkor engine, passes the request to RenderContext where the actual engine is implemented
ApplicationFilter() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFilter


BasicBeanTableModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel.
BasicBeanTableModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
BasicBeanTableModel(Class) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
BasicValueModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel.
A simple value model that keeps track of the a value, the type of the value is determined based on the value given when constructed
BasicValueModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
BasicValueModel(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
BeanModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel.
A BeanModel acts as the proxy for JavaBean instances which may or may not actually exist enabling them to be lazily evaluated only when a view actually requests the value of the JavaBean.
BeanModel(Class) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
BeanModel(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
BeanModel(ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
BeanTableModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel.
BeanTableModel.TableColumnModel - interface com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel.TableColumnModel.
BeanTableModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
BeanTableModel(Class) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
beforeRequest() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
beforeRequest(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Button - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button.
Button() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
Button(Action) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
Button(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button


changed() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.AbstractValueModel
ChangeEvent - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeEvent.
ChangeEvent is used to notify interested parties that state has changed in the event source.
ChangeEvent(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeEvent
ChangeListener - interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeListener.
Defines an object which listens for ChangeEvents
ChangeSource - interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSource.
Implemented by classes that are sources of the component-defined change state event
ChangeSourceHelper - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSourceHelper.
Utility class for sending change events
ChangeSourceHelper(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSourceHelper
CheckboxInput - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput.
CheckboxInput() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
CheckboxInput(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
CheckboxInput(String, ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
children - Variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
ChoiceModel - interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ChoiceModel.
click(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
com.tirsen.angkor - package com.tirsen.angkor
The core framework for Angkor.
com.tirsen.angkor.beans - package com.tirsen.angkor.beans
The JavaBean Models Framework is useful for accessing data available in JavaBeans.
com.tirsen.angkor.event - package com.tirsen.angkor.event
Generic Events and Listeners such as ChangeEvent and ActionEvent.
com.tirsen.angkor.jsp - package com.tirsen.angkor.jsp
Framework for using prerendered Angkor components in a JSP page.
com.tirsen.angkor.process - package com.tirsen.angkor.process
The Pipeline architecture with a set of predefined Valves is used to process an incoming request in Angkor.
com.tirsen.angkor.table - package com.tirsen.angkor.table
The Table widget and its framework and models.
com.tirsen.angkor.widget - package com.tirsen.angkor.widget
The standard widgets in Angkor.
Component - class com.tirsen.angkor.Component.
The default implementation of the View interface, implements a set of functionality usable by most widgets in Angkor.
Component() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Create with generated ID.
Component(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Render with specified ID.
ComponentServlet - class com.tirsen.angkor.ComponentServlet.
Fetches a named component based either on configuration in a init parameter or on the last part of the request uri, the named component is fetched from the application instantiated by the ApplicationFilter which must be mapped to all requests to this servlet
ComponentServlet() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.ComponentServlet
ComponentTag - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.ComponentTag.
Implementation of a tag that includes named components into a jsp-page, the components are fetched from the application instance created by the ApplicationFilter which must be mapped to all requests to jsp-pages using this tag.
ComponentTag() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.ComponentTag
CONSOLE_APPENDER - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug
CONSOLE_PATTERN - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug
Container - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container.
Default implementation of a component that contains other components
Container() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Container(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Controller - class com.tirsen.angkor.Controller.
Base class useful for implementing controllers
Controller(Application) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Controller
create() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableDataAccess
create(Class) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster
create(Class, boolean) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster
createActionLink(Action) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
createActionLink(Action, View) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
createBasicPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Creates the basic pipeline with the exception of a render valve.
createChildren() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Overload to create any default children in subclasses.
createDefaultPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
createDefaultTableModel() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
createExecuteContext(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
Used in unit tests to set up ExecuteContext differently.
createImageStyle(Action) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
createPrerenderPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Creates a pipeline that prerenders all currently registered components.
createProcessPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
createRenderPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve
createRenderPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.SingleViewFactoryRenderValve
createRenderPipeline() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve
Create a sub-pipeline which is executed for each view factory to render.
createRenderPipeline(ViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Creates the default processing pipeline.
createSubContext(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
createView() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Controller
CurrentEventAttribute - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve
CurrentViewAttribute - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext


Debug - class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug.
Implements some functionality useful when developing and debugging the Angkor framework
Debug() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug
DEFAULT - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
DefaultPipeline - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.DefaultPipeline.
DefaultPipeline() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.DefaultPipeline
DefaultTableCellViewFactory - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableCellViewFactory.
DefaultTableCellViewFactory() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableCellViewFactory
DefaultTableModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel.
DefaultTableModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
DESCRIPTION - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
destroy() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFilter
destroy() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
destroy() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
destroy() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderApplicationFilter
doEndTag() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.UseComponentTag
doEndTag() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.HeaderTag
doEndTag() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.ComponentTag
doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFilter
doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
doFilter(ServletRequest, ServletResponse, FilterChain) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderApplicationFilter
doStartTag() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.HeaderTag
doStartTag() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.ComponentTag


EMPTY_VIEW - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
empty() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
empty() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
empty() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
empty() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
emptyTag(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
EmptyView - class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView.
An empty view, you can't see it, you can't touch it, you can't smell it, it doesn't exist
EmptyView() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
encodeURL(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
endTag(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
ensureApplicationInit(Class) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
ensureApplicationInit(Class) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory
ErrorValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ErrorValve.
TODO document ErrorValve ErrorValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ErrorValve
ErrorViewFactory - interface com.tirsen.angkor.ErrorViewFactory.
Implement this interface if you want to provide views that shows errors to the user
EventQueue - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue.
The EventQueue is used to schedule the sending of events until just before the render-phase.
EventQueue.QueuedEvent - class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue.QueuedEvent.
EventQueue.QueuedEvent(Class, EventListener, EventObject, String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue.QueuedEvent
EventQueue() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue
EventValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve.
EventValve.ProcessEventValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve.ProcessEventValve.
EventValve.ProcessEventValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve.ProcessEventValve
EventValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve.DoPrerenderValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.Valve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.SingleViewFactoryRenderValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.CreateViewValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.DoRenderValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderPageValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RedirectValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
Used in unit tests to set up ExecuteContext differently.
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ParseValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ParseValve.ParseComponentValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.EventValve.ProcessEventValve
execute(ExecuteContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ErrorValve
execute(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
ExecuteContext - interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext.
ExecuteContext.Attribute - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext.Attribute.
ExecuteContext.Attribute(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext.Attribute
executeNext() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext
executeNext() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext


findProperty(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
findProperty(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
findValve(Class) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
Form - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Form.
A form.
Form() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Form
FormatTableCellViewFactory - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.FormatTableCellViewFactory.
FormatTableCellViewFactory(Format) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.FormatTableCellViewFactory


getAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
getAction() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSource
getAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
getAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
getAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
getAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
getAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
getAlt() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
getAlt() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
getApplication() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getApplication() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
getApplication() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Controller
getApplication() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory
getApplication() - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Returns the application of the currently executing pipeline.
getAttribute(ExecuteContext.Attribute) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext
getAttribute(ExecuteContext.Attribute) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext
getAttribute(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
getBean() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
getBean(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
getCategory() - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug
getCellModel(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
getCellModel(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getCellView(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getCellView(Table, int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
getChildren() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getChildren() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
getChoices() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ChoiceModel
getChoiceText(int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ChoiceModel
TODO: this is view-related stuff. shouldn't that be specified when creating the view?
getColumnCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
getColumnCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
getColumnCount() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
getColumnCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Returns the number of columns table.
getColumnCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
getColumnName() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
getColumnName(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
getColumnName(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
getColumnName(int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
getColumnName(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getColumnName(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
getComponent(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
getComponentsToPrerender() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
This is used by the PrerenderValve and is not part of the public API.
getContainer() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
getContainer() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
getContainer() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
getContainer() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
getCurrentExecuteContext() - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
getDisplayName() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Controller
getEnd() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
getEnd() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
getEndRow() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getError() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
getErrors() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.ErrorViewFactory
Gets the errors currently associated with this error-view.
getEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue.QueuedEvent
getEventQueue() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getFilterConfig() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
getFormat() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
getFormattedText() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
Gets the text formatted correctly and with the values fetched from the models.
getHeaderLabel() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
getId() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
getImageMap() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
getImageURL() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
getJavaBean(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
getLabel() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
getMainView() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
getMenu() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
getModel() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
getName() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel.TableColumnModel
getName() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel.TableColumnModel
getNextAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableScroller
getNumberOfChildren() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
getObject() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
getObject() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
getObjectClass() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
getObjectClass() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
getObjectClass() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
getPage(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
getParsingComponents() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.Window
getParsingComponents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Public for unit tests only, maybe it's time to move to JUnitX soon.
getPreviousAction() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableScroller
getProperty(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
getPropertyEditor() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
getPropertyEditor() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
getPropertyEditor() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
getPropertyProxy(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
getRenderContext() - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
Gets the render context of the currently running pipeline.
getRenderContext() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
getRequest() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getRequestAttribute(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getRequestParameter(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getRequestPath() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
Returns an absolute uri useful for sending requests which should end up in an action.
getResponse() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getRow(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
Gets the value object for a specified row, also checks wheather row is within range specified by AbstractTableModel.setRange(int,int).
getRow(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
Gets the value object for a specified row, also checks wheather row is within range specified by AbstractTableModel.setRange(int,int).
getRowClass() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
getRowCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
getRowCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
getRowCount() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
getRowCount() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableDataAccess
Must be called after initial call to TableDataAccess.load(com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel).
getRowCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getRowCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
getRowCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
getRowCount() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess
getRowCountInRange() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
getRows() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
getRows() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
getRowViews(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getSectionDepth() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
getSessionAttribute(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
getSessionAttribute(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory
getSourceURL() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
getStart() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
getStart() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
getStartRow() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getTable(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
getTable(String, Class) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
getTableCellView(Table, ValueModel, int, int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableCellViewFactory
getTableCellView(Table, ValueModel, int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.ReadOnlyCellViewFactory
getTableCellView(Table, ValueModel, int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.FormatTableCellViewFactory
getTableCellView(Table, ValueModel, int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableCellViewFactory
getTableModel() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getTarget() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
getText() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
The specified text or if specified text is null the name of the action.
getValue() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
getValue() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
getValue() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
getValue(Object) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel.TableColumnModel
getValue(Object) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel.TableColumnModel
getValue(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
getValue(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
getValue(String) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
getValue(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction
getValueAt(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
getValueAt(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
getValueAt(int, int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
getValueAt(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
getValueClass() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
getValueClass() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
getValueClass() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
getView() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
getView() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.ViewFactory
Two consecutive calls may or may not return the same instance.
getView() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Controller
This method is called by the framework at any time and any number of times during the render phase.
getViewFactory() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
getWindowTitle() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Override to provide a title rendered by the angkor:header-tag.
getVisibleIndex() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Returns which index this has of all visible elements of this container.
getWriter() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext


handleError(Throwable) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
hasListeners() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
HeaderTag - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.HeaderTag.
HeaderTag() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.HeaderTag


Image - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image.
IMAGE_URL - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
Image() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
ImageButton - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton.
ImageButton() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
ImageButton(Action) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
ImageButton(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
ImageMap - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.
ImageMap.Area - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area.
ImageMap.Area(Action, int, int, int, int) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
ImageMap() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap
indent - Variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
indent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
init() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Overriding method needs to call this method.
init(FilterConfig) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFilter
init(FilterConfig) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
init(ServletConfig) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ComponentServlet
initContext(ExecuteContext, RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
initDebug() - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug
initDefaultPropertyEditors() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
initPrerenderedComponents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
insertBefore(Valve, Valve) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
isChanged() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
isChanged() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
isChanged() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.AbstractValueModel
isChildrenCreated() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
isDebugTables() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
isEmpty(Object) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster
isEnabled() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
isEnabled() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction
isEnabled() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
isEnabled() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.GotoAction
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
This widget is interested in parsing events.
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
isParsing() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
isReadOnly() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
isReadOnly() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ReadOnlyValueModel
isReadOnly() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
isReadOnly() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
isViewShown() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.GotoAction
isVisible() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
isVisible() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
Check whether this view is visible or not.
isVisible() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
isVisible() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
isVisible() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
iterateAllElements() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Iterates all elements of this container, not just the main elements.
iterateCollection(Collection) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Iterates the collection even if it is null.
iterateEvents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue
Returns a thread safe iterator over the current events.
iterateParsingComponents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
Returns a tread-safe iterator of the parsing components.
iterateParsingComponents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Returns a tread-safe iterator of the parsing components.


JavaBeanModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel.
A JavaBeanModel acts as the proxy for JavaBean instances which may or may not actually exist enabling them to be lazily evaluated only when a view actually requests the value of the JavaBean.
JavaBeanModel(Class) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
JavaBeanModel(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
JavaBeanModel(ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
JavaBeanTableModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel.
JavaBeanTableModel.TableColumnModel - interface com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel.TableColumnModel.
JavaBeanTableModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
JavaBeanTableModel(Class) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel


Link - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link.
Link() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
load(TableModel) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableDataAccess
LOGGER_NAME - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.Debug


maybeCreateChildren() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Menu - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Menu.
Menu() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Menu
MenuItem - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.
This has essentially been refactored into something almost exactly similar to Link.
MenuItem.GotoAction - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.GotoAction.
MenuItem.GotoAction(String, Controller) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.GotoAction
MenuItem.GotoAction(ViewLink, Controller) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem.GotoAction
MenuItem(Action) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
ModelProxy - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy.
A ModelProxy acts as the proxy for JavaBean instances which may or may not actually exist enabling them to be lazily evaluated only when a view actually requests the value of the JavaBean.
ModelProxy(Class) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
ModelProxy(ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
Multicaster - class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster.
Implements a multicaster which enables one to invoke the methods of an interface and the invocation is multicasted to several instances implementing the interface, also implements threadsafety making it possible to modify the Multicaster instance while multicasting
Multicaster() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster


NAME - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
nextUniqueID() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
nextUniqueID() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application


Page - class com.tirsen.angkor.Page.
TODO document Page
Page() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
Page(View) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
PageAttribute - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderPageValve
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
parse(RenderContext) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
When a view has registered during rendering for parsing in the RenderContext the context will call this method on the next request.
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
Retrieves the value in the parameter named by Component.getId() and updates the model with this value.
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Form
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
parse(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
parseExpression(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
ParseValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ParseValve.
ParseValve.ParseComponentValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ParseValve.ParseComponentValve.
ParseValve.ParseComponentValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ParseValve.ParseComponentValve
ParseValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ParseValve
Pipeline - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.
Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext.
Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext(Iterator) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext
Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext(Iterator, ExecuteContext) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext
Pipeline() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
postEvent(Class, EventListener, EventObject, String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue
Currently does not queue up events to be sent later on.
prerender(String, View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderedComponentsRegistry
PrerenderApplicationFilter - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderApplicationFilter.
A filter doing both ApplicationFilter and PrerenderFilter
PrerenderApplicationFilter() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderApplicationFilter
PrerenderedComponentsRegistry - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderedComponentsRegistry.
PrerenderedComponentsRegistry(RenderContext) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderedComponentsRegistry
PrerenderedComponentsRegistryAttribute - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve
The resulting PrerenderedComponentsRegistry resulting from this valve.
PrerenderFilter - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter.
A servlet filter acting as the main entry point to the Angkor engine, passes the request to RenderContext where the actual engine is implemented
PrerenderFilter() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
PrerenderValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve.
PrerenderValve.DoPrerenderValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve.DoPrerenderValve.
PrerenderValve.DoPrerenderValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve.DoPrerenderValve
PrerenderValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderValve
println(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
process(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
processEvents(Application) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue
Sends the events and clears the event queue.
PropertyValueModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel.
A value model implementation which fetches and updates it's value according to the patterns of the JavaBean specification, useful together with ModelProxy
PropertyValueModel(ModelProxy, String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
PropertyValueModel(Object, PropertyDescriptor) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
PropertyValueModel(Object, String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
putValue(String, Object) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
putValue(String, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction


RadioButtons - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.RadioButtons.
RadioButtons() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.RadioButtons
rangeEnd - Variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess
rangeStart - Variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess
ReadOnlyCellViewFactory - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.ReadOnlyCellViewFactory.
ReadOnlyCellViewFactory() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.ReadOnlyCellViewFactory
ReadOnlyValueModel - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ReadOnlyValueModel.
A value model with a value that can not be modified, useful for creating dynamic content by creating an anonymous class overriding the getValue-method
ReadOnlyValueModel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ReadOnlyValueModel
ReadOnlyValueModel(Object) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ReadOnlyValueModel
redirectTo(String) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RedirectValve
RedirectToAttribute - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RedirectValve
RedirectValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RedirectValve.
RedirectValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RedirectValve
registerComponent(String, ViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Registers a new component.
registerLink(String, ViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
registerPage(String, Page) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
registerParsingComponent(View) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.Window
registerParsingComponent(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
registerParsingComponent(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
registerPrerenderComponent(String, View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Registers a new component.
REGISTRY_NAME - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
relink(String, String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Relinks a link to a named view.
relink(String, ViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Relinks a link.
relink(ViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
remove(Component) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
Remove a main element.
remove(Object, Object) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster
Adds an object to the multicaster returns the same instance or null if it was empty.
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSource
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
removeActionListener(ActionListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSourceHelper
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSource
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
removeChangeListener(ChangeListener) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
render(RenderContext) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
Render this view on the given context if the view is visible.
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableScroller
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.SectionLine
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Menu
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Form
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
render(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
render(String, OutputStream) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderedComponentsRegistry
render(String, Writer) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderedComponentsRegistry
renderChildren(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Container
RenderContext - class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext.
The RenderContext encapsulates the current processing state of the request, the partitioning of responsibilities between Application, RenderContext and ExecuteContext is not yet fully resolved and this needs some refactoring.
RenderContext(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
RenderContext(PageContext) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
RenderContextAttribute - Static variable in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext
RenderPageValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderPageValve.
TODO document RenderPageValve RenderPageValve(Page) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderPageValve
RenderValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.
RenderValve.CreateViewValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.CreateViewValve.
RenderValve.CreateViewValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.CreateViewValve
RenderValve.DoRenderValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.DoRenderValve.
RenderValve.DoRenderValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve.DoRenderValve
RenderValve() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve
replaceValve(Valve, Valve) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
requestURL(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
Constructs an url used to send requests back to the originating component.
reset() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
Resets the link to it's original binding.
reset() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue
reset() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderedComponentsRegistry
resetChanged() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
resetChanged() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
resetChanged() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.AbstractValueModel
resetColumns() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
Resets the columns.
resetColumns() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanTableModel
Resets the columns.
resetCreatedViews() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Call this method when we have a suspicion that cell-views will need to be recreated.
resetErrors() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.ErrorViewFactory
Resets the errors associated with this error-view to no errors at all.
resetParsingComponents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
resetParsingComponents() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application


scrollBackward() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
scrollForward() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
scrollToStart() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Section - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section.
Section() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
Section(SectionLine) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
Section(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
SectionLine - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.SectionLine.
SectionLine() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.SectionLine
SectionLine(View) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.SectionLine
send(Application) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue.QueuedEvent
service(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ComponentServlet
setAction(Action) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
setAction(Action) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSource
setAction(Action) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
setAction(Action) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
setAction(Action) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
setAction(Action) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
setAction(Action) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
setAlt(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
setApplication(Application) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
setApplication(Application) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory
setAttribute(ExecuteContext.Attribute, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext
setAttribute(ExecuteContext.Attribute, Object) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext
setAttribute(String, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Set an attribute which can be used by for example event-listeners to acquire more information about the event.
setBean(Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BeanModel
setChoice(int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ChoiceModel
setColumnCellViewFactory(int, TableCellViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
setContainer(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
setContainer(View) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
setContainer(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
setContainer(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
setContainer(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.SectionLine
setCurrentExecuteContext(ExecuteContext) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline
setDefaultButton(ActionSource) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Form
setEnabled(boolean) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.Action
setEnabled(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction
setFilterConfig(FilterConfig) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.PrerenderFilter
setFormat(Format) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
Sets a custom format.
setHeaderLabel(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Section
setId(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Sets a custom id to be used instead of a generated one.
setImageMap(ImageMap) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
setImageURL(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
setLabel(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
setLabel(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
setMainView(View) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
setMenu(Menu) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Page
setModel(TableModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
setModel(ValueModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
Sets a single model to fetch data from.
setModel(ValueModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
setModel(ValueModel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
setName(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.UseComponentTag
setName(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.ComponentTag
setNumberOfScrollRows(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Sets the maximum number of rows for scrolling.
setPassword(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
setPostponeEvents(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.EventQueue
setPrompt(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
Sets the text of the prompt.
setPrompt(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
setPrompt(TextLabel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
Set the prompt as a @{link TextLabel} widget.
setPrompt(TextLabel) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
setRange(int, int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel
Sets the range actually shown.
setRange(int, int) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableDataAccess
setRange(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
If any number is set to a negative number it is subtracted from the number of rows.
setRange(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
If any number is set to a negative number it is subtracted from the number of rows.
setRange(int, int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess
setReadOnly(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
setRequestAttribute(String, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
setRow(int, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
setRow(int, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
setRow(int, Object[]) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.DefaultTableModel
setRowCount(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
Sets the actual row count of this model.
setRowCount(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableDataAccess
Should be called from the implementation of TableDataAccess.load(com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel) when the actual number of rows are initially known.
setRows(int, Collection) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
Sets a segment of rows starting at specified startRow.
setRows(int, Collection) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
Sets a segment of rows starting at specified startRow.
setRows(Iterator) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
setRows(Iterator) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
setRows(List) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
setRows(List) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
setRows(Object[]) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanTableModel
setRows(Object[]) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.BasicBeanTableModel
setSessionAttribute(String, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
setSessionAttribute(String, Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ApplicationFactory
setSize(int) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
setSourceURL(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Image
setTable(Table) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableScroller
setTableCellViewFactory(TableCellViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
setText(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
setValue(Object) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel
setValue(Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.PropertyValueModel
setValue(Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.BasicValueModel
setValueObject(Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.beans.JavaBeanModel
setValueObject(Object) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ModelProxy
setViewFactory(TableCellViewFactory) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
setVisible(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
setVisible(boolean) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
Specify whether this view is visible or not.
setVisible(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
setVisible(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
setVisible(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
setVisible(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
setVisible(boolean) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.CheckboxInput
signalActionEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
signalActionEvent() - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSource
signalActionEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.MenuItem
signalActionEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Link
signalActionEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageMap.Area
signalActionEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
signalActionEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button
signalActionEvent(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ActionSourceHelper
signalChanged() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.table.AbstractTableModel
Call this method when values of the model has changed, will fire a change event.
signalChangeEvent() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSourceHelper
signalChangeEvent(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeSourceHelper
SingleViewFactoryRenderValve - class com.tirsen.angkor.process.SingleViewFactoryRenderValve.
SingleViewFactoryRenderValve(ViewFactory) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.process.SingleViewFactoryRenderValve
startTag(String) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.RenderContext
stateChanged(ChangeEvent) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.event.ChangeListener


Table - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table.
The table should support the following features: Implemented ones: Fetch values from the model.
Table() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
Table(boolean) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.Table
TableCellViewFactory - interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableCellViewFactory.
TableColumn - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn.
TableColumn(TableCellViewFactory) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
TableColumn(TableModel, int) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableColumn
TableDataAccess - interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableDataAccess.
TableModel - interface com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableModel.
TableScroller - class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableScroller.
TableScroller() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.table.TableScroller
TextInput - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput.
Takes input from user as text.
TextInput() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
TextInput(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
TextInput(String, ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
TextInput(ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextInput
TextLabel - class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel.
Displays text to the user.
TextLabel() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
TextLabel(String) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
TextLabel(String, ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
TextLabel(ValueModel) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
throwRealException(InvocationTargetException) - Static method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Multicaster
toString() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.event.AbstractAction
toString() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.Pipeline.BasicExecuteContext
toString() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.ExecuteContext.Attribute
toString() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.TextLabel
toString() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ImageButton
toString() - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.widget.Button


uniqueId(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink
uniqueId(RenderContext) - Method in interface com.tirsen.angkor.View
The unique id is unique over an application instance.
uniqueId(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.EmptyView
uniqueId(RenderContext) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Component
Deprecated. use Component.getId() instead.
UseComponentTag - class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.UseComponentTag.
Deprecated. with the new model of prerendering components to be used in JSP this is not needed.
UseComponentTag() - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.jsp.UseComponentTag


valueBound(HttpSessionBindingEvent) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
ValueModel - interface com.tirsen.angkor.widget.ValueModel.
Interface to models that has an individual value, also includes a parser used to parse and validate a String value
valueUnbound(HttpSessionBindingEvent) - Method in class com.tirsen.angkor.Application
Valve - interface com.tirsen.angkor.process.Valve.
View - interface com.tirsen.angkor.View.
This is the interface the engine has to the widgets.
ViewFactory - interface com.tirsen.angkor.ViewFactory.
A factory for instantiating Views.
ViewFactoryAttribute - Static variable in class com.tirsen.angkor.process.RenderValve
ViewLink - class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink.
Refactor this a little bit.
ViewLink(ViewFactory) - Constructor for class com.tirsen.angkor.ViewLink


Window - interface com.tirsen.angkor.Window.


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