Package com.tirsen.angkor

The core framework for Angkor.


Interface Summary
ErrorViewFactory Implement this interface if you want to provide views that shows errors to the user
View This is the interface the engine has to the widgets.
ViewFactory A factory for instantiating Views.

Class Summary
AbstractViewFactory Abstract baseclass for implementing ViewFactories
Application The main controller of an application, typically first class extended when implementing an application in Angkor.
ApplicationFactory TODO document ApplicationFactory
ApplicationFilter A servlet filter acting as the main entry point to the Angkor engine, passes the request to RenderContext where the actual engine is implemented
Component The default implementation of the View interface, implements a set of functionality usable by most widgets in Angkor.
ComponentServlet Fetches a named component based either on configuration in a init parameter or on the last part of the request uri, the named component is fetched from the application instantiated by the ApplicationFilter which must be mapped to all requests to this servlet
Controller Base class useful for implementing controllers
Debug Implements some functionality useful when developing and debugging the Angkor framework
EmptyView An empty view, you can't see it, you can't touch it, you can't smell it, it doesn't exist
Multicaster Implements a multicaster which enables one to invoke the methods of an interface and the invocation is multicasted to several instances implementing the interface, also implements threadsafety making it possible to modify the Multicaster instance while multicasting
Page TODO document Page
RenderContext The RenderContext encapsulates the current processing state of the request, the partitioning of responsibilities between Application, RenderContext and ExecuteContext is not yet fully resolved and this needs some refactoring.
ViewLink Refactor this a little bit.

Package com.tirsen.angkor Description

The core framework for Angkor.

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