Uses of Interface

Packages that use TableModel
com.tirsen.angkor.beans The JavaBean Models Framework is useful for accessing data available in JavaBeans.  
com.tirsen.angkor.table The Table widget and its framework and models. 

Uses of TableModel in com.tirsen.angkor.beans

Classes in com.tirsen.angkor.beans that implement TableModel
 class BasicBeanTableModel
 class BeanTableModel
 class JavaBeanTableModel

Uses of TableModel in com.tirsen.angkor.table

Classes in com.tirsen.angkor.table that implement TableModel
 class AbstractTableModel
 class DefaultTableModel

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.table that return TableModel
 TableModel TableDataAccess.create()
 TableModel Table.getTableModel()
protected  TableModel Table.createDefaultTableModel()

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.table with parameters of type TableModel
 void TableDataAccess.load(TableModel model)
 void Table.setModel(TableModel model)

Constructors in com.tirsen.angkor.table with parameters of type TableModel
TableColumn(TableModel model, int index)

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