Uses of Interface

Packages that use ValueModel
com.tirsen.angkor.beans The JavaBean Models Framework is useful for accessing data available in JavaBeans.  
com.tirsen.angkor.table The Table widget and its framework and models. 
com.tirsen.angkor.widget The standard widgets in Angkor. 

Uses of ValueModel in com.tirsen.angkor.beans

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.beans that return ValueModel
 ValueModel JavaBeanTableModel.getValueAt(int row, int column)
 ValueModel JavaBeanTableModel.TableColumnModel.getValue(java.lang.Object row)
 ValueModel JavaBeanModel.getValue(java.lang.String expression)
 ValueModel BeanTableModel.getValueAt(int row, int column)
 ValueModel BeanTableModel.TableColumnModel.getValue(java.lang.Object row)
 ValueModel BeanModel.getValue(java.lang.String expression)

Constructors in com.tirsen.angkor.beans with parameters of type ValueModel
JavaBeanModel(ValueModel model)
BeanModel(ValueModel model)

Uses of ValueModel in com.tirsen.angkor.table

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.table that return ValueModel
 ValueModel TableModel.getValueAt(int row, int column)
 ValueModel TableColumn.getCellModel(int row)
 ValueModel Table.getCellModel(int row, int column)
 ValueModel DefaultTableModel.getValueAt(int row, int column)

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.table with parameters of type ValueModel
 View TableCellViewFactory.getTableCellView(Table table, ValueModel value, int row, int column)
 View ReadOnlyCellViewFactory.getTableCellView(Table table, ValueModel value, int row, int column)
 View FormatTableCellViewFactory.getTableCellView(Table table, ValueModel value, int row, int column)
 View DefaultTableCellViewFactory.getTableCellView(Table table, ValueModel value, int row, int column)

Uses of ValueModel in com.tirsen.angkor.widget

Classes in com.tirsen.angkor.widget that implement ValueModel
 class AbstractValueModel
 class BasicValueModel
          A simple value model that keeps track of the a value, the type of the value is determined based on the value given when constructed
 class PropertyValueModel
          A value model implementation which fetches and updates it's value according to the patterns of the JavaBean specification, useful together with ModelProxy
 class ReadOnlyValueModel
          A value model with a value that can not be modified, useful for creating dynamic content by creating an anonymous class overriding the getValue-method

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.widget that return ValueModel
 ValueModel TextInput.getModel()
 ValueModel ModelProxy.getProperty(java.lang.String property)

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.widget with parameters of type ValueModel
 void TextLabel.setModel(ValueModel model)
          Sets a single model to fetch data from.
 void TextLabel.addModel(ValueModel model)
          Adds a model.
 void TextInput.setModel(ValueModel model)
 void CheckboxInput.setModel(ValueModel model)

Constructors in com.tirsen.angkor.widget with parameters of type ValueModel
TextLabel(ValueModel model)
TextLabel(java.lang.String label, ValueModel model)
TextInput(java.lang.String prompt, ValueModel model)
TextInput(ValueModel model)
ModelProxy(ValueModel model)
CheckboxInput(java.lang.String prompt, ValueModel model)

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