Uses of Class

Packages that use Component
com.tirsen.angkor The core framework for Angkor. 
com.tirsen.angkor.table The Table widget and its framework and models. 
com.tirsen.angkor.widget The standard widgets in Angkor. 

Uses of Component in com.tirsen.angkor

Subclasses of Component in com.tirsen.angkor
 class Page
          TODO document Page

Uses of Component in com.tirsen.angkor.table

Subclasses of Component in com.tirsen.angkor.table
 class Table
          The table should support the following features: Implemented ones: Fetch values from the model.
 class TableScroller

Uses of Component in com.tirsen.angkor.widget

Subclasses of Component in com.tirsen.angkor.widget
 class Button
 class CheckboxInput
 class Container
          Default implementation of a component that contains other components
 class Form
          A form.
 class Image
 class ImageButton
 class ImageMap
static class ImageMap.Area
 class Link
 class Menu
 class MenuItem
          This has essentially been refactored into something almost exactly similar to Link.
 class RadioButtons
 class Section
 class SectionLine
 class TextInput
          Takes input from user as text.
 class TextLabel
          Displays text to the user.

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.widget with parameters of type Component
 void Container.remove(Component element)
          Remove a main element.

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