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Packages that use RenderContext
com.tirsen.angkor The core framework for Angkor. 
com.tirsen.angkor.event Generic Events and Listeners such as ChangeEvent and ActionEvent. 
com.tirsen.angkor.jsp Framework for using prerendered Angkor components in a JSP page. 
com.tirsen.angkor.process The Pipeline architecture with a set of predefined Valves is used to process an incoming request in Angkor. 
com.tirsen.angkor.table The Table widget and its framework and models. 
com.tirsen.angkor.widget The standard widgets in Angkor. 

Uses of RenderContext in com.tirsen.angkor

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor that return RenderContext
static RenderContext RenderContext.getRenderContext()
          Gets the render context of the currently running pipeline.
protected  RenderContext Component.getRenderContext()

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor with parameters of type RenderContext
 java.lang.String ViewLink.uniqueId(RenderContext context)
 void ViewLink.render(RenderContext context)
 void ViewLink.parse(RenderContext context)
 java.lang.String View.uniqueId(RenderContext context)
          The unique id is unique over an application instance.
 void View.render(RenderContext context)
          Render this view on the given context if the view is visible.
 void View.parse(RenderContext context)
          When a view has registered during rendering for parsing in the RenderContext the context will call this method on the next request.
 void Page.render(RenderContext context)
 java.lang.String EmptyView.uniqueId(RenderContext context)
 void EmptyView.render(RenderContext context)
 void EmptyView.parse(RenderContext context)
abstract  void Component.render(RenderContext context)
 java.lang.String Component.uniqueId(RenderContext context)
          Deprecated. use Component.getId() instead.
 void Component.allocateUniqueId(RenderContext context)
          Forces this component to allocate a unique id.
 void Component.parse(RenderContext context)
 void Application.beforeRequest(RenderContext context)
 void Application.afterRequest(RenderContext context)

Uses of RenderContext in com.tirsen.angkor.event

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.event with parameters of type RenderContext
 void ChangeSourceHelper.signalChangeEvent(RenderContext context)
 void ActionSourceHelper.signalActionEvent(RenderContext context)

Uses of RenderContext in com.tirsen.angkor.jsp

Constructors in com.tirsen.angkor.jsp with parameters of type RenderContext
PrerenderedComponentsRegistry(RenderContext context)

Uses of RenderContext in com.tirsen.angkor.process

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.process with parameters of type RenderContext
protected  void Pipeline.initContext(ExecuteContext exec, RenderContext renderContext)
 void Pipeline.execute(RenderContext renderContext)
 ExecuteContext Pipeline.createExecuteContext(RenderContext renderContext)
          Used in unit tests to set up ExecuteContext differently.

Uses of RenderContext in com.tirsen.angkor.table

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.table with parameters of type RenderContext
 void TableScroller.render(RenderContext context)
 void Table.render(RenderContext context)

Uses of RenderContext in com.tirsen.angkor.widget

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor.widget with parameters of type RenderContext
 void TextLabel.render(RenderContext context)
 void TextInput.parse(RenderContext context)
          Retrieves the value in the parameter named by Component.getId() and updates the model with this value.
 void TextInput.render(RenderContext context)
 void SectionLine.render(RenderContext context)
 void Section.render(RenderContext context)
 void MenuItem.parse(RenderContext context)
 void context)
 void MenuItem.render(RenderContext context)
 void Menu.render(RenderContext context)
 void Link.render(RenderContext context)
 void Link.parse(RenderContext context)
 void ImageMap.render(RenderContext context)
 void ImageMap.Area.render(RenderContext context)
 void ImageMap.Area.parse(RenderContext context)
 void ImageButton.render(RenderContext context)
 void ImageButton.parse(RenderContext context)
 void Image.render(RenderContext context)
 void Image.parse(RenderContext context)
 void Form.render(RenderContext context)
 void Form.parse(RenderContext context)
 void Container.renderChildren(RenderContext context)
 void Container.parse(RenderContext context)
 void Container.render(RenderContext context)
 void CheckboxInput.parse(RenderContext context)
 void CheckboxInput.render(RenderContext context)
 void Button.parse(RenderContext context)
 void Button.render(RenderContext context)

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