Uses of Interface

Packages that use ViewFactory
com.tirsen.angkor The core framework for Angkor. 
com.tirsen.angkor.process The Pipeline architecture with a set of predefined Valves is used to process an incoming request in Angkor. 

Uses of ViewFactory in com.tirsen.angkor

Subinterfaces of ViewFactory in com.tirsen.angkor
 interface ErrorViewFactory
          Implement this interface if you want to provide views that shows errors to the user

Classes in com.tirsen.angkor that implement ViewFactory
 class AbstractViewFactory
          Abstract baseclass for implementing ViewFactories
 class Controller
          Base class useful for implementing controllers
 class ViewLink
          Refactor this a little bit.

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor that return ViewFactory
 ViewFactory ViewLink.getTarget()
 ViewFactory Application.getComponent(java.lang.String name)

Methods in com.tirsen.angkor with parameters of type ViewFactory
 void ViewLink.relink(ViewFactory target)
 void Application.registerComponent(java.lang.String name, ViewFactory factory)
          Registers a new component.
 void Application.registerLink(java.lang.String name, ViewFactory originalBinding)
 void Application.relink(java.lang.String name, ViewFactory target)
          Relinks a link.
 Pipeline Application.createRenderPipeline(ViewFactory factory)
          Creates the default processing pipeline.

Constructors in com.tirsen.angkor with parameters of type ViewFactory
ViewLink(ViewFactory original)

Uses of ViewFactory in com.tirsen.angkor.process

Constructors in com.tirsen.angkor.process with parameters of type ViewFactory
SingleViewFactoryRenderValve(ViewFactory factory)

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